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About Me

Hi Clive here

Thought I best write a few lines to let you know a little bit about myself.

My names Clive Peters and I’m a long distance lorry driver, who in my spare time enjoy nothing better than to meet new ladies to chat to and eventually meet up with for sex. I am a member of several different adult dating personals sites, and have a list of over sixty eight lovely women from all over the country who I can meet up with.

I’ve gathered this list of ladies through the various adult dating sites I belong to, and because my job takes me all over the country, I tend to see most of these ladies on a regular basis.

To be honest I’ve never had so much sex in my life before, and I think these dating sites are awesome. So for this reason I decided to create a blog for anyone interested in the adult dating scene.

I will try and update this blog with as much relevant information as I can and when I can.

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